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For example, knowing the date of a certain historical event has no bearing on most career paths. While some historical knowledge is necessary for forming our ideas about the world, much of the specific information simply is not. Knowing the details and specifics of many subjects can be easily accessed online.

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In order to learn more about real-world careers, students like Worku have taken their own initiative. Furthermore, schools do not make a strong enough attempt to cater to what students would like to explore, but instead give them a set of options to choose from that are geared towards economic industries such the STEM field. School also discourages students from finding their passions outside of school because of the pressure it puts on us. As she explained, almost every class structure is the same.

We are given assignments, expected to learn certain information from these assignments, then we are asked to demonstrate our learning on tests. After that, we are given one of five letter grades to assess whether we learned what we were supposed to. So much pressure is put on our final grade and test scores that school can become a competition to be the best. The importance of learning skills for real life gets lost in this process.

And unfortunately, our education system revolves around grading because it is the only way to prepare students for college. Yet within the current system, if students really want to follow their passions and get anywhere in the world they will have to put in more of time outside of school. This can create problems, as they may not have enough time for keeping their grades up, which may not actually help students truly learn but are necessary accolades to get into college. This story was originally published on South High School on March 4, Please Excuse This Interruption….

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Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute Submissions to Best of SNO. Learn about the new system for submissions here. Parkway West High School Henry W. Grady High School Kirkwood High School Carlmont High School Millard West High School Coppell High School West High School And those in art streams are being labelled as dumb.

Does school adequately prepare students for life after high school? – Golden Arrow

That's very unfair. Because students in art streams are not dumb, they are just more interested in other things than studies. Some people will be surprised to find that some of these students in art stream are so much smarter than those in science stream. In the working world, it doesn't matter whether you're from art or science stream; whether you have graduated from overly prestigous universities or have won hundreds of awards or competitions. I am not saying school is unimportant or useless. School creates a challenging atmosphere for students. Some passed it with a successful achievement but some failed to so.

How Education Can Prepare You for the Future

A successful achievement is how we learned, absorb and use the input we get in school efficiently. Despite from where the students were studying, boarding school, daily school or technical school. All students from any type of school have a big opportunity to excel during their schooldays. I believe that schools are only focused on producing students with As rather than teaching them any manners or perhaps, the way people should sit or how to use cutlery, since in todays world most institutes are more focused on getting students who excel in studies as well as those who have the required skill mainly being eloquent, knowing what to where etc.

Also one thing I have noticed in several schools is that they love to blame parents who they feel are in charge of teaching their students the basic etiquettes. Living in Singapore, streaming , as i have seen has resulted in 90 per cent of the youth losing interest in studies and the 10 per cent fleeing away to UK Thus,concluding, schools teach students what is required for students to enter university after which its all up to them and their relationship with their teacher for recommendations and schools which are suppose to mold students into educated, mannered and responsible individuals have just taught the students ho to mug-up and left the students to leave their lives alone.

MORAL-teachers attend school for their salaries not to teach you. To those who are slamming school for being so grade-centric, I am disgusted by your myopic, self-assertive views. The major factor I canthink of is the competency of your resoective education systems. Blame lack of non-academic activities on your government-not school in general. To devalue the importance of scjool is as good as saying that they serve little purpose. That's equivalent to claiming children automatically become prepared for adulthood with time.

Examples include Choir, Football and Infocommunication Clubs. Yes, much focus is placed on academic studies here no doubt. But students are given ample opportunities to further develop character and values like leadership. I describe it as further because the main curriculum already serves that purpose. Every week, there's a Character and Leadership Education lesson, for instance. While it's not exactly that effective as students have limited hands-on learning, there's still something done to expose students to the outside workd froma young age.

Are these foreign to you? If school is really about going there everyday just to memorise boring chunks of text, then blame it on your government. Blame it not on educators or schools, but on the policy makers who have not woken up to the twenty first century. Alas, blame it on yourselves for not making the most out of it - no matter how little it appears to be.

Mind you, the process of that rote learning many seem so critical of is actually one means of honing our character. Indeed, Mavin Berkowitz Model of the complete moral person describes values like determination, perseverance, commitment and responsibility to be part of being a capable, moral and most likely aspects considered important by employers. That means things as trivial or meaningless as studying for an examination are subtly inculcating these principles in students. So I see little reason why schools are just schools.

They are much more thsn that; they watch children grow. You are welcome to disagree with my points of contention. Oh and you might want to research more about the education system here and in other countries renowned for it. Even the most incompetent student is provided with ample opportunities to advance and be trained. Not academically always, but in vocational and skills to join the workforce.

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