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He describes himself early on in the story as unhappy and plagued by feelings of incompleteness--sentiments that drive his quest for his missing family members.

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Antipholus of Ephesus, by contrast, feels no such sense of incompletion: While the Syracusan brother is a questing figure, his Ephesian twin is well satisfied with his lot in life. He is an established figure, rather than a wanderer, with a wife, a home, a business, and an important place in the community. His outrage at having his identity questioned and his comfortable life turned upside-down is understandable, then, but since anger rather than good humor is his defining emotion during the play, he is a less appealing character than his brother.

His treatment of his Dromio is also less sympathetic: While both slaves are frequently beaten, Dromio of Ephesus seems to have the worst of it, since the sense of humor that Dromio of Syracuse uses to mitigate his master's propensity for violence is largely absent in the angry, humorless Antipholus of Ephesus.

The central marriage in the play aside from the long-separated Egeon and Emilia is that of Adriana and Antipholus of Ephesus--and it does not seem to be a happy one. Other characters--the Abbess and Luciana, specifically--locate the blame in the jealousy of Adriana, who is, indeed, portrayed as the kind of violent, shrewish woman often found in English dramas of the period including Shakespeare's own The Taming of the Shrew.

Respect all round. All the trappings of her gilded life in London — from yachts to mansion — are sold from under her. The children are withdrawn from private school and she must return with them to her mother and her childhood home in Australia. Which turns out not to be the spiral-staircased pile on a large farm she had claimed, nor in Sydney, but a deeply ordinary suburban home in depressed Newcastle, a three-hour drive away.

Nor did her father die in a plane crash; he wandered into the ocean drunk and drowned.

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And also the interconnectivity that media has allowed conspiracy and paranoia run absolutely rampant in the absence of answers for something that are definitive, chaos and conspiracy always going to be the thing that certain parts of fringe society holds onto. Rider Strong : An important part of the art is that it focuses on the body. Comic books are supposed to make the visuals exciting, with violence if anything, sex maybe, and supposed to spice up real life and make it the most interesting read you can. This book does the exact opposite. It starts with blank faces, people getting coffee, people carrying their cats from room to room, people starting out of windows, people listening to a radio show.

The Rise of Crowdculture

There are like 20 pages of a radio, just a close-up of a radio and a guy naked listening to it. It is so profound because so much of the message of this book is these people have bodies, these people have lives, they have lovers, they have thoughts, they have friends, they have childhood friends and shitty jobs, and if you take that away from them, if you remove their personhood and physical reality, it is so easy to say they are crisis actors or they are manipulating or lying. We all as a culture, we are so easy to dismiss other human beings. I know I do it on the level of Trump voters.

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And these people lead real lives and everyday experiences and their shitty jobs, and this book is such a little empathy bomb. Christmas horror. And Blumhouse and editor Christopher Golden have put together a collection of short fiction just in time to fill you with holiday fear.

A couple months ago, Vulture published this crazy, crazy list. Where Books Come to Dance. This is Literary Disco. Episode Let The Games Begin! Some of the books discussed in this episode include:.

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Episode Hark! Join us as Tod, Rider, and Julia have fun with this bonkers set of stories.

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Get ready to feel like you have a lot of catching up to do…. WWII and China.