Business ethics thesis

The Reconciliation Project: Separation and Integration in Business Ethics Research

The informants demonstrated that effective ethical behavior includes going beyond the practices required by law, consistent with prior literature. Finally, the informants identified ethical values used to achieve future business to deliver a differential value. Recommendations for practice include the practical application of the stakeholder theory, normative ethics, and competitive analysis theory and recommendations on the use of ethnography in a business ethics environment.

Recommendations on future research include broadening research applicability with a focus on a broader stakeholder set, competition, and competitive advantage to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and ethics theory application with a focus on reputation and ethical leadership flow down.

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Business Ethics Thesis

Help new window. Print Copy link 1 of 1 documents. Abstract Summary Ethical leadership can be a key driver of corporate behavior but it is an individual's sense of ethics that has an impact on business success. This has been the rallying cry of business people for a long while now. It is the defense that they use when they make some decision that seems to cause harm to some people while making the business more profitable.

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  5. It's often used as a sort of excuse for bad behavior on the part of businesses and business people. There are a couple of things that we ought to notice about this short quote, though. It doesn't allow nearly the breadth of behaviors that some think it does.


    Many people stop there. If we replaced the ellipsis with a period, then this is a statement which allows businesses to do anything at all that might increase its profits.

    It would allow fraud that is, causing people to believe untrue things for personal gain , stealing your competitor's products, burning down your competitor's stores, or really any other thing which would allow you to increase your profits. This is because the above fragment only gives one social responsibility to business: "increase profits. A social responsibility is an obligation that you have to act in ways that benefit the society you live in.

    That might mean that you push for social change when it is needed.

    It might mean that you have an obligation to help out the poor, or to help clean up an oil spill. It might also mean that you simply shouldn't do things which will cause harm to the people around you.