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Argumentative Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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Why Marijuana should be legalized argumentative essay

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Marijuana Argumentative Essay Against Legalization of Weed

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Issues and even get a relevant iris centers of america. Legalizing the use of marijuana as a medical remedy for treating disease symptoms and mitigating the adverse side effects of the treatment, would improve a patient's quality of life, and promote positive responses to treatment.

Legalizing medical marijuana as therapeutic medicine could also help boost our economy with taxation, create an influx of employment in our countries time of economic crisis, and save our economy billions of dollars.

With all the positives involved, legislators should legalize marijuana solely to benefit those individuals with terminal and debilitating medical diseases, and help stimulate a boost in the United States economy. Research has verified an overwhelming amount of marijuana benefits for patients who suffer from medical conditions in the United States. Studies which have been conducted have revealed;.

The government should legalize medical marijuana nationwide, due to the facts shown by these studies. Individuals who have been diagnosed with terminal and severe medical conditions would be the only ones allowed usage of this drug. State Government News This shows how many American citizens would like to allow medical marijuana usage by seriously ill patients.

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These voters also understand how if legalizing medical marijuana came about, it would be only accessible for ill patients and not for recreational use. American patients should be given their rights in all fifty states so each patient can use marijuana without being penalized. Even though citizens of the United States are born severely ill, they still have rights and never should be deprived of them.

Studies showed patients suffering from HIV have also expressed their feelings about how the pharmaceutical drugs provided, did not help them through their disease. Medical marijuana has proved for some patients to have even better results than the drugs prescribed by a physician, which is a mind blowing discovery. A change within our legal system needs to occur soon in order for those suffering to relieve their pain in the best way possible, which is through medical marijuana.

The legalization of medical marijuana could not only benefit the health of our citizens, but it would also create an excellent opportunity for revenue due to taxation for our economy. If the Drug Enforcement Administration would allow marijuana to become legal, it could potentially boost our economy due to taxation, create employment due to marijuana dispensary stores, and provide another source of revenue in each state.

Taxing marijuana would essentially be exactly the same concept as how the government taxes cigarettes today. Many of our countries money saving would stem from the amount of money which is spent in order to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate those who utilize medical marijuana. This means our nation could profit in many ways, along with patients benefiting at the same time. The opposing side argues why legalize medical marijuana when it is merely a pain killer not a life saver?

Patients have even indicated they benefit from the use of marijuana regarding their medical circumstances, so why not allow them to use it? Opponents also feel as if marijuana is addicting and if legalized would create an increase in usage among non-prescribed users.

This view was proved wrong by a study which displayed eight out of ten states where medical marijuana is legal actually saw a decrease in marijuana usage among individuals. Another major concern the opposing side argues, is how allowing marijuana to be smoked will only cause an increase in lung cancer. Legislators at the federal level should take the time to recognize the benefits of the natural composites found in medical marijuana.

Among us are thousands of individuals who are suffering every day, when they could be experiencing affordable relief from a tremendous amount of pain and weakness which is attributed to illnesses from cancer, HIV, MS, and glaucoma. There has been research which already has proven how marijuana has multiple benefits economic and medicinal wise, therefore it should not be withheld from patients any longer.