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In my Advanced lesson for the Discussion Essay there is a model essay for a Discussion without an opinion. Please take a look at it. Any question that is asking you to choose options will require an opinion — there are many ways to voice an opinion. I have to say that the sample answers for task 1 are very good but the ones for task 2 are so confusing.

For instance, a discussion essay was turned into advantage disadvantage one.. Another issue that confuses me; can we use questions in the essay? In one example of adv. Outweigh Disadv. The opinion is also put in the conclusion only… Thanks in advance.

How do I answer an essay question in an exam?

That is the task of teachers and ex-examiners. About your second query, you should present supporting points which are statements, not questions. Just stick with statements. Do not memorise sentences or phrases.

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You can learn words and linking devices. All sentences and phrases should be created by yourself. See my model essays. Grammar is marked by using a range of tenses that are suitable and appropriate to the essay and the subject. All tenses must be used correctly. The examiner will also pay attention to sentence structures, so you need to pay attention to not being too repetitive. So, you can see your aim is to produce a range of suitable grammar and also reduce the errors you make.

At all times, you only use the grammar you are familiar with to reduce errors. I am currently putting together a grammar e-book which will explain all this in great detail. Hi Liz, thank you a lot for your useful advice and if it is possible, please give feedback, this is my first essay.

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In last decades, with the impact of growing globalization, it is noticed significant positive affects in the economy of the world, whereas this globe challenges brings some negative aspects with itself. Regarding the advantages of the globalization, a number of leading companies of the world gain more profits, while some affected countries are forced to lose their cultural values. On the one hand, there is a competition between huge international companies over the world. They compete to produce products in better quality and lower prices.

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As a result, this overseas rivalry helps to boost world economy, at the same time, people all over the world take advantages in connection with buying more qualitative and less expenses products. For instance, it is obviously seems that the products which are manufactured by Samsung, Apple, Huawei and some other main companies have wide functions and simultaneously they are sold in lower prices. On the other hand, there are some affected countries that people who live in these countries are obliged to get used to customs and traditions of the hegemon countries.

In this manner, impacted society uses international languages, listens to singers who are famous all over the world and eats meals which are popular overseas and so on. In conclusion, the monosemous acceptance of globalization is not proper approach. When this term is talked over, both sides should be taken into account. Thank you.

IELTS Discussion essay: Model answer and analysis

First of all, thank you for your prompt reply, Hope you are doing well now. I will pray for your health and speedy recovery. Can I expect video lessons on those missing type essays in near future? Or do you think it is sufficient enough to just go through your sample essays on those type of essays to get an idea of written structure? The three Advanced lessons available teach you enough skills to be able to apply the same logical.

However, you will need to review model essays and other tips. Did you see my free writing task 2 lessons? Just take a look around my site. It is unlikely I will make a new video soon. Yes, I already read the tips mentioned in the first link and just went through the second link now, both were so helpful. Thank you for your help and tips. I am desperately waiting for your e-books.

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Best wishes and prayers for your health. I do plan to get back to making videos, but not until my health is completely recovered which might take a long time. Lot of respect and prayers for you mam. Pleaaaase shed some light on the following: in the introduction of Task 2, what is the best waybto phrase that the X will be discussed in the essay. So confused as someone online tutors would say one thing, someone something different again.

As you see, none of my model essays use that kind of sentence. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz.

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    How to Write a Good Answer to Exam Essay Questions: 13 Steps

    Dear Liz, I just watched your advanced task 2 lesson and have couple questions on it. Thank you! The balanced opinion essay means the discussion essay with specific opinion. Sorry for that. June says. Jasmeet Kaur says. April 8, at am. Hi Liz, I am writing to seek your help with double views and opinion statement essay type. Thanks Jasmeet Kaur.