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Add to cart. Buy now. This course includes. Certificate of Completion. Training 5 or more people? What you'll learn. Have an open mind! As an innovative instructor and curriculum designer in South Korea, I've come to know that we often limit our children based on what we believe they are capable of.

Music, podcasts, magazines and other quality things that made this year awesomer.

I've taught this course to children as young as 4 years old, who were then able to write full paragraphs about philosophy independently within 6 months of taking this course. I've also taught this same course to 13 year olds who needed a solid foundation for organizing their ideas when putting more than one sentence together. The student should have the ability to write a sentence independently before taking things course. So, come on! Who this course is for:. Course content.

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Expand all 11 lectures Day 1a: Hello! I'm your Teacher! My name is Gahmya! But I remember when I shock against a small mirror. I wonder? I love writing in it , because in it I express all my secrets and I organise my things. In my diary it says : what plans do you have for today? My diary was a gift in kings.

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My mum gave it to me last year because the screen of my last mobile broke. I use my phone for a lot of things: I usually listen to music, I send messages to my friends every day. I love it! My favourite object: at, My favourite object is pair of trainers, I like them because I had these trainers when I was only three years old. They are very small and they are black and white. I used them a lot, my parents gave me the trainers for Christmas. When my dad gaiye me them, I was very happy and I asked him: Where diwlyou buy the trainers?

Ivan Ivly lFayer,! My team is Football Club Barcelona. Last summer I went to Salou, near Barcelona and I bought a t—shirt.

Why Summer is my Favorite Season of the Year Essay

The t—shirt was the most expensive thing in the shop. It's blue and red.

It's the best t—shirt of the world. For me, the t—shirt is beautiful and I love the colour red and the blue. My grandparents gave to me for my communion present, when I was eight years old. I play games every day , I usually listen to music and play with my friends. I've got a lot of videogames to play in it, for example the Pro Evolution Soccer I compare with others of my friends and it is the smallest but the fastest.

I like my laptop because when I am bored I play on it and I chat with other friends. I love my laptop. My scalextrix I've got a big and beautiful scalextrix. My parents gave it to me for my birthday, 4 years ago. I play with this every day with my friends and my brother because I like much.

It is the most expensive and the biggest in the shop. My friends say that it is old, but I don't think I use this because it is very interesting and funny. I love my big scalextrix. My parents gave them to me last year, before these skates had others. I always use the skates because I need for skating. The skates are more expensive than a football kit or a new laptop.

I often dream that I am with my skates on a very important competition whit Javier Fernandez. I win it with a very elegant purple skating dress. I was young. I like it because this necklace was my grandma's and it is very nice. It is something special for me because I love my grandma.

Every special days I wear it. I usually put it on my birthday when I don't forget because I'm very distracted. In order to get maximum entertainment we need to know the things to to in Dubai. Thanks for sharing the list and now I have better idea about the entertainment places in Dubai. Your email address will not be published. For me, I love it. Watch the Dubai fountains Made by the same guys who did the Bellagio fountains — but on a much bigger scale — I challenge anyone not to be impressed whilst watching them.

Why Summer is my Favorite Season of the Year

Take in some culture Many people visit Dubai and stay in the compounds of their hotel — which is a total mistake. Hit the beach During the summer months June — August the beach might be a bit unbearable because of the sheer heat my sister and I almost died once trying to walk for about 15 minutes along the beach in 50 degree heat.

You may also enjoy:. Hostels Vs Hotels in Australia and my …. My only regret from travelling the world…. Skateboards and Hitch Hikers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.