Apa research paper running head

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Practical tips for writing running heads in Microsoft Word

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APA running head and page number in MS Word

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Login to LibApps. Ask a Librarian. Schedule a Consultation. Organization, Consistency, and Coherence. Number all tables sequentially as you refer to them in the text Table 1, Table 2, etc. Abbreviations, terminology, probability level values must be consistent across tables and figures in the same article. Likewise, formats, titles, and headings must be consistent.

APA Research Paper Format Guidelines

Do not repeat the same data in different tables. Data in a table that would require only two or fewer columns and rows should be presented in the text. More complex data is better presented in tabular format.

In order for quantitative data to be presented clearly and efficiently, it must be arranged logically, e. If possible, use canonical forms such as ANOVA, regression, or correlation to communicate your data effectively. Give the between-subject variables and error first, then within-subject and any error.

Mean square errors must be enclosed in parentheses. Provide a general note to the table to explain what those values mean see example. There are three types of notes for tables: general, specific, and probability notes.

All of them must be placed below the table in that order. Put explanations of abbreviations, symbols, etc. To indicate specific notes, use superscript lowercase letters e. Asterisks indicate the values for which the null hypothesis is rejected, with the probability p value specified in the probability note. Such notes are required only when relevant to the data in the table. Consistently use the same number of asterisks for a given alpha level throughout your paper. If you need to distinguish between two-tailed and one-tailed tests in the same table, use asterisks for two-tailed p values and an alternate symbol such as daggers for one-tailed p values.

How do I format the running head for my APA essay?

The most common forms of graphs are scatter plots, line graphs, bar graphs, pictorial graphs, and pie graphs. For more details and specifics on what kind of information, relations, and meaning can be expressed with the different types of graphs, consult your textbook on quantitative analysis. Spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel, can generate the graphs for you.

When the dots cluster together, a correlation is implied. On the other hand, when the dots are scattered randomly, no correlation is seen. See example Figure 1…. In solid bar graphs, the independent variable is categorical, and each bar represents one kind of datum, e. A multiple bar graph can show more complex information than a simple bar graph, e.

APA Research Paper Format Guidelines – PERRLA

In sliding bar graphs, the bars are divided by a horizontal line which serves as the baseline, enabling the representation of data above and below a specific reference point, e. Pictorial graphs can be very deceptive: if the height of an image is doubled, its area is quadrupled. Therefore, great care should be taken that images representing the same values must be the same size. For the sake of readability, no more than five variables should be compared in a single pie graph.

Lines and dots can be used for shading in black and white documents. Thanks to software, both are now highly manipulable. For the sake of readability and simplicity, line drawings should be used, and photographs should have the highest possible contrast between the background and focal point. Cropping, cutting out extraneous detail, can be very beneficial for a photograph. Use software like GraphicConverter or Photoshop to convert color photographs to black and white before printing on a laser printer.

Otherwise most printers will produce an image with poor contrast. In preparing figures, communication and readability must be the ultimate criteria. Avoid the temptation to use the special effects available in most advanced software packages. While three-dimensional effects, shading, and layered text may look interesting to the author, overuse, inconsistent use, and misuse may distort the data, and distract or even annoy readers.

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Design properly done is inconspicuous, almost invisible, because it supports communication. The APA has determined specifications for the size of figures and the fonts used in them. Figures of one column must be between 2 and 3. Two-column figures must be between 4. The height of figures should not exceed the top and bottom margins. The text in a figure should be in a san serif font such as Helvetica, Arial, or Futura. The font size must be between eight and fourteen point. Use circles and squares to distinguish curves on a line graph at the same font size as the other labels.

See examples above. For figures, make sure to include the figure number and a title with a legend and caption. Then type the title of the figure in sentence case. Follow the title with a legend that explains the symbols in the figure and a caption that explains the figure:. Figure 1.

APA format definition

How to create figures in APA style. This figure illustrates effective elements in APA style figures. Captions serve as a brief, but complete, explanation and as a title.

If the figure has a title in the image, crop it.