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The first was an essentially static X-1 that had to at least roll along the ground and realistically "belch flame" by a simulated rocket blast from the exhaust pipes.

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The "follow-up" X-1A was also an all-wooden model. The U. The climactic flight of Yeager in a Lockheed NFA was originally to be made with a modified Lockheed F Starfighter but ultimately, Wilmore decided that the production had to make do with a repainted Luftwaffe FG, which lacks the rocket engine of the NF Wooden mock-ups of the Mercury space capsules also realistically depicted the NASA spacecraft and were built from the original mold. For many of the flying sequences, scale models were produced by USFX Studios and filmed outdoors in natural sunlight against the sky.

Even off-the-shelf plastic scale models were utilized for aerial scenes. The X-1, F and B models were built in large numbers as a number of the more than 40 scale models were destroyed in the process of filming. The addition of original newsreel footage was used sparingly but to effect to provide another layer of authenticity. The Right Stuff received overwhelming acclaim from critics. He later put it at 2 on his 10 best of the s, behind Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull. In his review for Newsweek , David Ansen wrote, "When The Right Stuff takes to the skies, it can't be compared with any other movie, old or new: it's simply the most thrilling flight footage ever put on film".

Shepard gives the film much well-needed heft. He is the center of gravity".

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Yeager said of the film: "Sam [Shepard] is not a real flamboyant actor, and I'm not a real flamboyant-type individual They made them like bumbling Germans". Robert Osborne , who introduced showings of the film on Turner Classic Movies , was quite enthusiastic about the film.

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The cameo appearance by the real Chuck Yeager in the film was a particular "treat" which Osborne cited. The recounting of many of the legendary aspects of Yeager's life was left in place, including the naming of the X-1, "Glamorous Glennis" after his wife and his superstitious preflight ritual of asking for a stick of Beemans chewing gum from his best friend, Jack Ridley.

When the film came out, the former and future astronaut Senator John Glenn of Ohio was running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. In the weeks before the movie's premiere, media pundits as well as people in the Democratic Party wondered that if the film became a big success, it could give Glenn an advantage in the upcoming primaries, a speculation that eventually proved groundless.

Stewart Campbell and Peter R. Romero ; Set Decoration: George R. On June 23, , Warner Bros.

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These extras are also included in the November 5, release of the 30th Anniversary edition, which also includes a page book binding case, with the film in Blu-ray format. The extras are in standard DVD format. In addition, the British Film Institute published a book on The Right Stuff by Tom Charity in October that offered a detailed analysis and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Although an album mix had been prepared by Bill Conti in and indeed the poster contains the credit "Original Soundtrack Available On Geffen Records " , the soundtrack album release was cancelled following the film's disappointing box office.

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    Dennis Quaid Newsweek Essay

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