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Exploiting the expressive power of black ink set against wide expanses of white paper, these woodcuts feature mothers attempting to protect children threatened by the demands of a war machine that would devour them. In another woodcut from War , The Widow II , Kollwitz places the viewer behind the thrown-back head of a foreshortened body of a woman holding a baby draped across her chest. Another critic of post-war German society, George Grosz excelled at the equivalent of scathing political cartoons. Etienne, one found a generous selection of these works on paper. In Saxon Miniatures , Grosz reveals his view of German manhood.

In the vertical Metropolis , floating men in suits hurry across the canvas while two bare-breasted women dressed in stockings are destined for a different kind of business. Apotheosis , a woodcut by Dix bridges past with present in its elevation to godhood of a bare-breasted, corseted woman wearing black stockings and heeled boots.

Boston: G. Hall, , Microfiche. Gairola, Krishna C. Genesis of a Novel. Tucson, Ariz. Goldwater, Robert. Primitivism in Modern Art.

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New York: Vintage Books, Goodrich, Lloyd. Gruen, John. Hockney, David. David Hockney: Photographs.

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Commentaria in Esaiam. Marcus Adriaen. In Corpus Christianorum Series Latina , vol. Turnhout: Brepols, Larsen, Susan C. Edited by Maurice Tuchman.

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Locke, Nancy Elizabeth. Milder, Patricia. Mizuno, Kogen. The Beginnings of Buddhism. Translated by Richard L. Tokyo: Kosei Publishing Company, Schubring, Walther.

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  8. The Religion of the Jainas. Calcutta Sanskrit College Research Series, no. Calcutta: Sanskrit College, Stella, Frank. Talwar, K, and Kalyan Krishna. Indian Pigment Paintings on Cloth. Ahmedabad: Calico Museum of Textiles, When authors have the same last name, initials are generally added to distinguish them. When there is more than one identical short form for example, two for Smith, letters are added after the dates for example, a and b. Footnotes or endnotes can be used to supplement the author-date system. Alberti, Leon Battista. On Painting. Edited and translated by Rocco Sinisgalli.

    Arcangeli, F. Bohlin, Diane DeGrazia.

    Prints and Related Drawings by the Carracci Family. Washington, D. Bonehill, John, and Stephen Daniels. Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

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    Nuremberg: Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Ng, David. Siple, Ella S. Sotheby Parke Bernet and Company. The Thomas F. Flannery, Jr. Sale cat. Capitalize the full or shortened version of a proper name but not generic categories. When particles are used with the full name, they are often left lowercased when only the last name is given. When particles are capitalized with the full name, they should always be capitalized when the first name is dropped. For capitalization of particles, follow the usage of the named individual or tradition.

    In general, lowercase the particle in European names. Identify people mentioned with a brief phrase the noted collector, the critic, etc. Asian names: The traditional format for Chinese and Japanese names places the family name first, followed by the given name. Unless the name is Westernized, as it often is by authors writing in English, it should be kept in the traditional order.

    Caption style varies according to field, period, institution, and so on, and caption forms will of necessity vary from publication to publication, subject to subject. The caption normally begins with information identifying and describing the work of art.

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    It usually ends with collections data, often including fund or donor credit and, sometimes, accession number. Line-for-line style places elements of the caption on separate lines with no punctuation at the end of each line; run-in style gives all the information sentence-style, separated by punctuation. Checklists and catalogue entries often employ the line-for-line style. This style is seldom used in most books that are not also exhibition catalogues and periodicals, where the elements are placed in sequential order separated by punctuation.

    This style is often used in exhibition catalogues for captions to figure references. The particular style that the publisher requires should be ascertained ahead of time by the author or editor if possible. All or some of the following information may be included in an illustration caption, in the order given or in a slightly different order. For more information about each of these categories, see under each item. If the full image is not used, the caption must specify that it is a detail: Michelangelo, David , detail; Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Rome, Vatican, detail of ceiling: ignudo ; Detail of Fig.

    The following examples, from a variety of sources some noted , offer a range of punctuation and ordering of the elements:. Mona Lisa , ca.

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    Clay figurine. Japanese, latest Jomon period ca. Jerome Koizim, William Wegman b. Lubner in Bed Watching T. Polacolor ER, 24 x 20 61 x Peggy Ahwesh, The Scary Movie , Super-8 film, black-and-white, sound; 9 minutes. Cheryl Donegan, Craft , Videotape, color, sound; 12 minutes.

    Susan Rothenberg American, b. Plate 1. Bothmer, The Adolph D.