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Causes of Urban Poverty in India

The people living an urban life have the basic necessities of life like —food, water and shelter and in a much better way as compared to the people living in the villages. Every urban city of India has a local governing body that takes care of their people.

An urban life is dated back from the period of Mohen-Jo-Daro and the Harrapan culture and it is dated back to the BC. Urbanization grew slowly in the country and it started growing rapidly after the 5th century BC. In the early historic period, the urban life grew in many parts of the country like Ayodhya, Hardwar, Dwaraka, Puri and Many other places. The luxurious life is also mentioned in the books of Vatsayan. The life where people were living a luxurious life was also mentioned in the books of Arthshastra.

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In the Urban life, the primary sector activities are not practiced. The non-agricultural activities like trade, industries, commerce, were been practiced and that is what made these places Urban. After the British invaded the India, the city saw a growth where the roads, railways and other sector grew. The Primary sector changed to Secondary and the territory sectors. The people started getting wages and salary for their work. The leisure time activities increased. The country saw the development of sports activities, hospitals, entertainment industry and various other things grew.

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The people started accepting and started developing their cities. The real India live in villages this saying is true today.

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  6. As more than the half of the population of the country lives in villages. Rural development is an important factor for the development of our economy. Like in the body of human being liver is responsible for the proper functioning of the body, in the same way education acts a backbone for…. Source: Maps of the World Compared to other Pacific Island countries, Fiji has relatively high human resource development, ranking….

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    While urban cities have some paved roads and public transportation means such as trains and subways, much of the country is still exceedingly rural and lacks modern roadways. Very few cities of India have an adequate public transport system Singh S. A Minneapolis-based company, Bepex…. Faced with fast-growing cities, inadequate urban infrastructure, and a large youthful population in need of employment, the Ethiopian Government turned to an innovative solution: Cobblestone road production throughout the country, driven by community participation and local materials.

    In recent years, cobblestone road creation has become one of the most successful infrastructure and job creation programmes in the country, with tremendous benefits for the urban poor. It has created hundreds of thousands….

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    Show More. Rural areas are also characterized by remoteness from the centres, lack of newer things and absence of basic and social amenities. The majority of Nigerians still live in rural areas. Farming is the major activity of rural Nigerians with arable and perennial crops being the main farm produce.

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    Livestock and fishery production is also significant. Secondary rural activities are trading, food processing, weaving basket and cloth , tool fabrication, carving, carpentry and poultry. These secondary activities provide supplementary incomes and could constitute a major source of diversification of the rural economy in terms of small scale industries. The rural areas lack basic amenities as potable drinking water, access roads, electricity supply, and good housing. Infrastructures for economic development are in most cases inadequate or completely nonexistent.

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    Urban centre Just as the name imply refers to human settlement where economic, political and social activities occur. In this centre the inhabitants are drawn from various occupational, cultural, and ethnic groups. There for urban centres are heterogeneous and complex in nature. It has basic and social amenities that are not available in rural areas.