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Responsibility and practice in notions of corporate social responsibility , Denise Kleinrichert.

Research Ethics in Master’s Dissertations

Minimally innate ideas , Michele Merritt. John Oliver Campbell. Otherness and Blackness , Chioke A. M I'Anson.

On the indemonstrability of the principle of contradiction , Elisabeta Sarca. Dwellness: A radical notion of wilderness , Martin J. Informed consent: its origins, purpose, problems, and limits , Nancy M.

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  3. Literature review: Status and trends of research ethics in Swedish nurses’ dissertations.
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Jus Bellum: The classical just war doctrine today? Berkeley's theory of vision: Optical origins and ontological consequences George Berkeley. A criticism of Popper's argument against induction and justificationism in science Karl Popper. Nietzche, George Grant and the response to modernity Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzche, George Grant and the response to modernity. Caring, virtue theory, and the nurse-client relationship.

An examination of A. Ayer's phenomenalist solution to the problem of perception. Being-in-the-world and technology: An exposition of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Religion and morality in the philosophy of David Hume. Parmenides' conception of being Pythagoreanism.

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A framework for conflict resolution within the theory of Critical Thinking. Hume, miracle reports, and credibility David Hume. Ojibwa world view and environmental ethic: An investigative study. The effect of Wittgenstein's criticisms on Russell's theory of knowledge. Premise relevance: Informal logic and legal theory compared. The role of emotion in rationality: Limiting the search for evidence.

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  • The purity of Kant's ethics in light of his doctrine of the summum bonum. The absence of Aristotelian teleology in some modern European philosophers of nature. A fresh approach to analyzing John McPeck's conception of critical thinking. Dialectical inquiry: Rescher, Toulmin, van Eemeren and Grootendorst and a model for rational argumentation.

    Encountering the being of other in Sartre. A cognitively oriented examination of belief perseverance. John Locke's moral person. Carl Wellman's challenge to deductivism.

    Dissertations in philosophy

    The informal logic of John Locke. Type A Behavior, hostility and race in hospitalized patients with and without coronary heart disease , Jeffrey Wayne Hyde. Environmental ethics and the search for an ecological ethic.

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    • A hermeneutical study of the existenzials in Martin Heidegger's Being and time. The use of musement in C. Purely penal law a Suarezian defence. Wittgenstein's critique of Moore's epistemology.

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      Wittgenstein on the grammar of knowledge-claims. Dreaming an investigation into the grammar of traditional and contemporary problems associated with dreaming. Simplicity and falsifiability a critical examination of Karl Popper's stipulative definition of simplicity. Popper and rationality a Wittgensteinian critique. Phenomenalism in Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and nothingness. The indirect communication of the ethical. Human life and the sexuate condition as disjunctive. The effects of relaxation, emotionality of target stimuli, attitude, and mood on ESP performance. Role of the intact contralateral homologue in the recovery of intracranial self-stimulation behaviour.