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Those challenges provide great opportunities for innovative ideas, tools and technologies. Consequently, with the fast development of data intelligence techniques, they are playing a more and more important role in information security and data privacy. This special issue will focus on the data intelligence techniques for security and privacy. Submission to this special issue is by two routes: 1 Invited Papers and 2 Open Call-for-papers:.

We estimate there will be a number of submissions via the open call-for-papers.

A longitudinal analysis of data breaches

All the submitted papers will go through a rigorous double-blind peer-review process by at least three international researchers to the JISA standards. Paper submissions for the special issue should follow the submission format and guidelines for regular Elsevier JISA papers.

Submission deadline for all papers: July 15, Completion of first-round reviews: September 15, Submission deadline for revised papers: November 15, Final Paper Decision: January 15, Search in:. Submit Your Paper. Supports Open Access.

Researchers securely access and analyze their data in the PRDN. We regularly consult and coordinate with the Duke entities that are involved in research governance and institutional approvals to provide up-to-date guidance to those we support. Access to Sensitive and Restricted data typically involves the execution of a Data Use Agreement DUA , which is approved and submitted by Duke on behalf of the researcher to the data provider.

When the DUA is fully executed, the data provider distributes the data under the terms of the agreement. For data with Duke or data provider security requirements, the PRDN leverages the OIT infrastructure to provide flexible and secure computation and storage. We are happy to work with you to find the right solutions for your data needs. We offer evaluation services and learning opportunities to meet an increasing demand for evaluation at the university and in the broader community.

Security of research data

The lab provides undergraduates a foundational and applied experience in social science research and in evaluation practice. We can advise on computational and data needs of faculty, staff, and students using protected data in their research or academic projects. Durham, NC The dissertation also aims to establish the costs of the security violations for individuals and organisations, for example, blackmail, theft of money, and identity fraud.

Source: Oppitz, M. Cyber attacks have had a constant presence in the media in the last thirty years. What can be learnt from these attacks, and can recommendations be made based on an understanding of such attacks, to prevent them occurring? This dissertation aims to set out a history of the major cyber attacks that have occurred in the last twenty years, from It also aims to make recommendations based on the knowledge of how these attacks occurred for preventing future attacks for both individuals and organisations.

Source: Middleton, B. This topic would focus on the GDPR and the changes being brought in.

International Journal of Information and Computer Security

Depending on the length of the dissertation you could include a few changes or focus on one that will have great effect on social networks, such as the changes to the legitimate use of data and consent Article 4 of the GDPR. A recent event such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal would be good to include to analyse the effects that this change would have had on Facebook and whether or not it would have been preventable.

Source: Voight, P. Basel: Springer.

07-Cyber Security Research & Advanced Topics

There are many protected rights such as the right to erasure of personal data and the right to object to processing. This dissertation would analyse the rights of individuals and focus on how businesses and institutions will fair with their added obligations. The dissertation will also look at the difficulty involved with this and also the risk of not ensuring these obligations are met, e.

Source: Salami, E. This dissertation will discuss the development of data privacy and the various pieces of legislation. It will also focus on the new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and whether this has struck the right balance between protection of privacy and innovation. It would also be good to focus on a particular area, such as research, where there has been a lot of development by the GDPR in terms of processing and consent, Article 6 4 The GDPR also gives research a broad definition, Recital Source: Dobrick, Fischer, Hagen.

Wiesbaden: Springer, pp.

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