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Offer to send additional application materials, if needed.

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You have a sense that prosecutors spend a lot of time in court, arguing their cases before judges and juries. Finally, you would guess that prosecutors, like all lawyers, must spend some of their time researching the law and writing briefs. It contains useful descriptions of the daily work of prosecutors, the kinds of cases they work on, the skills they find most important, and the types of classes and law-school activities which would best prepare you for this kind of practice.

Do some internet searching. Search the net to find general information about the work of prosecutors. One excellent site is PSJD.

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Also, you can use Lexis to do a news search to find high profile cases which the office has recently prosecuted Talk to people who have worked at that particular office or one like it. Many Cornell students have interned for district attorneys over the years and many Cornell alumni practice in the public sector.


Identify your Motivation: Now that you understand what prosecutors do, you need to come up with reasons, based on concrete experiences, for why you want to do that work. Especially if you have a geographic tie to the area, you can state that keeping the community safe and doing justice are motivating to you. Demonstrate your Research and Writing Skills: List the research and writing experience you have gained.

In particular, focus on research and writing experience pertaining to criminal law matters.

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Connect with the Job: Show the employer you understand the particulars of their work. Emphasizing that you understand this aspect of the job and that you have experience analyzing, organizing and distilling voluminous information will show the employer that you are both interested in this position and a good match for it. You might guess that the EEOC has something to do with larger issues like routing out systemic discrimination on behalf of large groups and serving other federal agencies.

Check out PSJD.

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In addition to general advice for federal government job seekers, a quick search of that site also revealed a first-person narrative written by a current EEOC attorney. Talk to people who have worked at that particular office or one like it.

Many Cornell students have interned for the EEOC over the years and some Cornell alumni currently practice there or have done so in the past. Identify Your Motivation Consider why working for the federal government is appealing to you. What motivates you to work for this type of public-sector employer?

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Do you know anyone who has worked in federal government and does their experience influence you? Think about why you want to work for the EEOC, in particular. Have you taken courses or done work in the employment area? Do you or someone you know have personal experience with employment discrimination?

Have you read books or articles about employment discrimination issues that have piqued your interest? Demonstrate Your Research and Writing Skills: List the research and writing experience you have gained. Although in some countries a lawyer and an attorney refer to the same profession, in other countries a lawyer is one who provides legal advice while an attorney is one who represents clients in court. Frederick Pierce, Esq. Dear Mr.

Bryant, I hereby present my candidacy for the position of attorney posted on your website and am attaching my resume for your consideration. My 14 years of experience in litigation have positioned me as a legal hero to my clients and a formidable adversary to their opponents.

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Analytic skills, attention to detail, and broad legal knowledge enable me to fairly represent clients and achieve justice on their behalf. During my initial meeting with potential clients, I am able to screen out those whose cases will not result in favorable outcomes and advise them of alternate avenues. For the clients I accept, I research their situation and arguments, compare with past legal rulings and regulations, and prepare documentation for trial.