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Although some suppliers have a feudal meaning writing a many theory family research perspective, it very has method then cardiovascular. In addition to courses aimed at Physics and science majors we also offer a number of courses for those with a general interest in the social and cultural applications of physics, accessible to any student:. The typical progression for a Physics major involves the academic work outlined below. Designed to advance student independence in physical and mathematical thinking, and expose students to theoretical breakthroughs leading to relativity and quantum mechanics.

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Early astronomy, planets sun, stellar evolution, and galaxies are covered with emphasis on mankind's confrontation with the unknown. The present day fascination with pulsars, quasars, extra-solar system planets, and black holes are discussed. Topics include sound and resonance, pitch and tuning systems, psychoacoustics, anatomy of the ear, workings of musical instruments, electronic music fundamentals and literature, a review of musical notation, and aural recognition of intervals and pitches.

Students will design and build a musical instrument, and participate in a performance. Discussions regarding specific career opportunities and preparation for graduate studies will also be an integral part of the seminar series. Note: Students may take each ST: course for credit. Note: a working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry is required.

Corequisite: PCL. The individual experiments will involve topics in mechanics, energy, sound, and waves. Labs Involve computer acquisition of data for some experiments. Note: A special fee is assessed. Corequisites: PC Additional topics may include atoms and molecules, nuclear physics, relativity and solid state physics. Prerequisite: PC The individual experiments will involve topics in circuits, light and optics, and nuclear physics. Involves computer acquisition of data for some experiments. Corequisite: PC Individual experiments will correlate with the course, including kinematics, Newton's Laws, energy, and momentum.

This course includes an integrated introductory laboratory experience. Note: a special fee is assessed.

Typical Course of Study

Corequisites: MA and PC The unit explains the principles of operation of the power supply, amplifier, oscillator, logic circuits, micro controllers, and other basic circuits. An associated laboratory component allows construction of and measurements on the circuits under consideration.

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A working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry is required. Individual experiment will focus on natural processes and environmental technologies using physical concepts from mechanics, energy, thermodynamics, electromagnetic radiation, atomic spectra, fluid flow, atmospheric processes, sound waves and radioactivity. Students will learn the basic physics upon which these devices operate, and explore moral issues that arose in the interactions of communities impacted by their construction, use and testing, including the perspectives of scientists, government officials, and affected citizenry. Current issues and concerns regarding nuclear weapons will be studied as well.

Prerequisites: Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing.

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Prerequisites: PC