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Motivation is the key to success, and it can be hard to stay motivated in a negative environment. By keeping your team's spirits up, you will be able to motivate them to achieve more, and not let them be bothered by minor setbacks. Sometimes a difficult situation will arise that will require you to think outside of the box and help your team do the same.

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At such crucial movements, a good leader will be able to demonstrate a unique type of creativity that can help his team push through any situation. Inspiration can take many forms, but a capable leader will be able to demonstrate his ability to lead and inspire by motivating his team to share his vision. Finally, a good leader will have intuition. Sometimes obstacles will arise that nobody will know how to handle, perhaps even you. In such situations, it is important to be confident and make a decision.

No matter what the decision is, if you show that you are giving the problem everything you have got, it will inspire your team to do the same, which can often be just all that is needed to help get past the situation to begin with. Andrew Deen is a writer who creates informative content in the field of business and law.

In this article he explains a few characteristics of successful leaders and aims to encourage further study with a Norwich University Online Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership. Do you need help with the job search, or looking start the next big step in your career?

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Begin your new career journey by joining Work It Daily today. You could be one step closer to landing that dream job! And we want to know what trait YOU think is most important for a great leader to have.

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Cast your vote in the poll below. For a more detailed explanation of what it takes to be a good leader, check out this infographic created by Norwich University Organizational Leadership. You're told you need to network. During those periods, the world is facing another threat of war brought by contradicting political ideologies which are Democracy and Communism.

Even inside the political arena of the United States, there were suspicions If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Essay Paper type: Essay Pages: 3 words. Views: Read more. How to Avoid Plagiarism. Recommended for You Jose Rizal, our national hero. View sample. Business Ownership. Argument Essay Thomas Paine.

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Not Finding What You Need? Search for essay samples now. But the education from different institutions will helps for becoming a graduate. Informal education includes experiences of a person , it is the path of knowing the value for human and also can know a lot about the term Humanity what many of the people would have not heard about. By getting educated with both the way only a leader can be a good leader then only he can be a good politician it will helps the persons to handle different situations.

In my opinion i think that it is very very important for a politician or leader to have educational qualification. Only being honest and committed is not enough unless you don't have the basic knowledge about the current state of country or the strategies which are the best under the current conditions.

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I think and piece of paper cant decide either a politician is good or not lets take example of Adolf Hitler he was an good educated person but i question u all was he able to prove that he was an good politician we all know many educated person have been caught on different scam so a politician needs a good power of decision then some sorts of degree thank u. Bhghf have had ignore Uchida g have just had very happy birthday by just had hbcn bbal h be just bg have been busy bbal njnbb jjjj initial just got can be done by a local florist deliver on your website.

I have a look at it. If a little bit. But, if not then we can be found in database. In my opinion it's not at all required to have an educational qualification for the politicians. A good politician must be a good leader first, who can take good decisions,empathise with people ,have a vision for the future and of course must know the way to get there.

It doesn't really matter ,if the person owns some degree or not-what matters is his love for the nation. The person should be honest, patriot and devoted to the country.. And unfortunately there is no such degree bestowned for exhibiting these qualities!!! Now let us come to the present scenario where we have a highly qualified legislature of MLAs and MPs certified from around the world's best universities,from Harvard ,oxford to st.

Masuchauttes -- but let me remind you that most of them have their best foot forward in all the scams taking from the 2-G scam to the coal scam and what not Its intelligence, efficiency, and vision that counts not how much the person is educated. Job of a politician doesn't require him to know about algebric identities and chemical formulas.

We have many examples such as abraham lincoln, narendra modi etc. Who are not educated but no deny to the fact that they are excellent leaders. If a politician is educated or not how does it matter. All that matters is that weather he rules well or not.

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You can take the example of many successful politicians who are educated very little. Like Indra Gandhi, I believe that she was educated only till her 10th or 11th grade. Still she was such a successful politician. Therefore I would like to conclude that it is not necessary for a politician to be educated.

It doesn't mean that only educated people are intelligent.

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The real qualification needed for politicians is to have practical knowledge and ability to make quality decisions. Even today's most educated politicians are responsible for many of the scams. A politician should have a heart ,emotions ,practical knowledge , ability to judge people and an urge to serve his nation.

Well I do not think that politician. He should be dynamic transparent and of no corruption. A true politician is a person who will show light and sacrifice for the country and have the ability to takegood decisions It is not necessary that a person getting excellent marks is also a good planner and decision taker. A combination of the two is needed for a person to become a great politician.

In my opinion It is not required to have an educational qualification for the politician. It doesn't matter that person has any degree or not only thing which matters is the work done for the public and his nation. Even educated persons now in our country have caught in the corruption.