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Pharmacy Technicians Essay words - 4 pages. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. The Re-Education of Me Essay words - 4 pages was not just a job, it was career. This was a field that I would be able to earn a degree in and then continue to grow and advance my knowledge and potentially become a Pharmacist, if I chose to do so. But the most important thing that persuaded me to pursue this career choice was the employment statistics.

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I will only focus on the areas that interest me instead of researching several different topics that do not hold my attention. The first area of pharmacy I will research is retail pharmacy.

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These pharmacists are placed in stores grocery stores and other stores like Walgreens and CVS. Next, I will find information about pharmacies in a. To begin, an average day for a pharmacist is very high paced. Efficiency and synergy in the workplace is crucial for a pharmacist, whose main jobs are to supervise pharmacy technicians techs and provide information to patients about the medicine they will receive. If a patient takes a.

Walgreen's wants each employee to reach their potential, gain more talent and overall they just want their employees to be successful in what they love to do. Voluntary work is a huge part at Walgreen's, during my high school years I was involve with voluntary work in the community and knowing that this job will put me back in those years is great. With many doctors reaching the age for retirement many people are needed to fill their positions. A typical day for pharmacist will include advising physicians and customers of the side effects of medication, monitor a patient response to the drug, recommend over the counter drugs, advice on diet and completion if third party insurance and.

Interview Report words - 7 pages technician while in school to give me a sense of what working, as a pharmacist would be like.

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Sterling did tell me that even though a pharmacy technician has a great amount of responsibilities and similarities as a pharmacist, a pharmacist has more responsibilities because they are the ones who are in charge of the technicians and always have to double check their work. A major milestone aiding in the set-up of the certification program for technician positions was when the first group of technicians graduated from the State University of New York in Medication Delivery words - 4 pages orders and inappropriate medications, and to identify medications that should be discontinued after discharge from hospital.

Prescription orders are transmitted to the LTCP via facsimile. Pharmacists and technicians subsequently update an existing patient record or create a new one. In some circumstances, the pharmacy may need to clarify this orders with. A Career as a Pharmacist words - 8 pages pharmacist like training pharmacy technicians, filing drug claims and insurance paperwork. According to Mark Everett RPh due to the pharmacists becoming more relational with patients, the focus of a pharmacists is becoming less about medications and more about the wellbeing of the patient. Instead, there's a lot of detail about how much you've screwed up before, and asides about personal and family drama that come off sounding a bit excuse-ish from a personal standpoint, I by no means want to belittle your experiences or past struggles; however, on a purely professional level, I'm not sure if I care.

At the end, I'm supposed to forget about the preceeding paragraphs, and somehow have confidence that this time you're going to follow through. I don't want a hollow promise, I want to be convinced what steps have you taken to position yourself for success?

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How are you different? You demonstrate your ability to recognize past shortcomings well which is good! Yes, it's certainly an essay that needs to be read from beginning to end. I thought about this, and I'm still thinking about it. And I've wondered about whether it was too negative or not.

A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician

The trouble is that because my academic record is laid bare in front of them, I can't just ignore it. I need to address it; to acknowledge that I know that I have done poorly in the past. I could be positive from beginning to end, but that would ring hollow if I were reading it, because it doesn't match what I see in front of me in terms of numbers. I would conclude that the applicant is either lying, or just plain dumb, and thinks I am too. This is the impression I get as well.

If you feel that it's necessary to address the numbers, then I would do so as succinctly as possible. Not to skip over the past, but because you should be spending a large portion of the essay talking about the good things you've done and what you intend to do. I don't know the school you're applying for, but my suggestion to anyone who applies for anything is that this isn't just a requirement, it's not just hoops to jump through, it's your opportunity to impress someone.

Honestly, the majority of your essay doesn't do that. The part about learning to research the drug is great but I'd leave damn and heck out, due to their informal tone , and if you can make the rest of the essay like that, you'd be a shoe-in. Facing your short-comings is one thing, dwelling on them is another.

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Again, I think this should be used to impress the admission committee rather than explain to them why your grades are so poor. Yes, transcripts can make a difference, but if you can prove to them that you're a quality individual with something to contribute to the program, they're going to see past the numbers. People change, they're aware of that. Also, real world experience is much, much more valuable than taking classes. You got kicked out of the house, sorry about that, but what does that mean here? Did it motivate you?

Did you learn a lesson that's applicable to this situation? You failed Computer Science, and pharmacy school the first time around. What did you take away from those experiences? Why did you learn to appreciate the thing you'd lost in the first place? What is different about Pharmacy school now, or your outlook on it? Finally, you're going to make things a LOT easier on the people who are vouching for you if you write an essay that impresses others. They won't be put in the position where they have to explain why they thought it'd be a good idea to admit someone who dropped out or was kicked out of school twice before.

They can point to your essay and say "here, read this. If anything, it's more ammo for someone to use when speaking on your behalf. Thanks for posting. You've given me some good ideas about how to rework it, and still address my previous shortcomings. I still think it's not bad for a 12 minute writing job. I used to work for a test prep company doing their charity work -- we helped kids get into college.

I've seen a lot of essays, so allow me to tell you: Do not go over words. I can spot, and so can the admissions people, a too long essay. In the business, this is called a "vanity essay. In many schools, the essay will do one of two things: 1.

Grab their attention and get you the spot rare. Sit in your file until the file ends up in the "accept if we have enough space" pile. There, it will be compared with other essays from exactly equally qualified applicants. Since it didn't grab them enough the first time around, they will be looking for reasons to chunk your file. Suggestions for the essay: Mention your feelings once and then stop talking about them, unless they change.

More than that looks like whining. Cut to the point. Remember, these people will have read thousands of these things, and are impatient. Give them what they want. Start in the middle of the action, specifically, "My father kicked me out of the house and told me not to come home without a job. Don't talk about how things were hard -- this is obvious from the getting kicked out sentence. Show not talk about how your interest in Pharmacy was coming together as your personal world was falling apart.

Be sure to print it; editing the printed word is better than on the computer screen. With some aggressive editing, this can be a very good essay, and come in under words. Good luck! Big Grin Which is what this was. I wish I'd known that before I spent my own fifteen minutes critiquing it. Given your contacts and established reputation, I think this essay has more chance of talking you out rather than in to the school. If you are trying to make a point and that's all you care about, knock yourself out. If you care about getting in, write a more standard essay focusing on the positive. You must be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who thinks paying people by the time they spend at their job is superior to paying them for the value they contribute.

No, chances are, the essay would have been worse. I sat down, and it just came out. And that's bad You spent 12 minutes on your essay and it shows and you expect ars to write it for you.

I guess you expect to "barely squeak by while doing as little work as possible. Wow, you're so awesome Sulvar. Really, I think we need more posts just like yours to drive that "you suck" message home. I think most people would rather hire or accept someone that tries rather than someone that thinks they are brilliant but can't be bothered to care. I would argue that a pharmacist needs to be someone that works hard more than someone who thinks they are intrinsically smart.

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