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Fill in the chart as you discuss. Discussion of quiz answers. Love and Marriage Discussion Activity: Part 1: On one sticky note, write what love looks like to you; o n one sticky note, write what marriage looks like to you. When you are done, place your sticky notes anywhere on the butcher paper. Homework: Chapters reading due Thursday. Part 3: Decide with your group the most important similarities between the works and resonating themes. You will share these with the class. If time, begin listening to audio book of Chapter 1 also on class website under Unit Resources.

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Homework: Poetry portfolio due Monday ; Chapters reading due Monday. Introduction of podcast assignment: To complement our study of Their Eyes Were Watching God , you and your group of will listen to 4 podcast episodes. On Google Classroom, you will find a list of podcasts. Your task for the rest of the class period is to listen to snippets of at least 4 of those podcasts and decide which ones sound interesting to you. Bring the most interesting podcast s to your group. You will decide as a group which podcast you will listen to during this unit.

Read the descriptions of the episodes available and decide which episodes you will listen to that will complement our study. Wednesday, January 23rd Portfolio conferences. Peer review: Using the comment function, at the top of each of your three poems, describe the 3 techniques you emulated in your poem. Read the top comment. After reading the poems, reply to their top comment on each poem and describe the effectiveness of the techniques.

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Were the techniques used correctly? Did they add to the poem, or would you suggest changes? At the bottom of each poem, list at least one strength and 1 area of improvement. Homework: Poetry portfolios due at the start of class Monday, January 28th. Tuesday, January 22nd 2nd period: Poetry portfolio conferences. Friday, January 18th 2nd period: Q1 timed writing. Homework: Drafts of all three influence poems due next Tuesday on Google Classroom. Thursday, January 17th Poetry portfolio work day: check contemporary poet and four selected poems work on annotations and drafting of influence poem Homework: Drafts of all three influence poems due next Tuesday; poetry timed writing tomorrow.

You will need to show me all three of your influence poems these can be rough drafts Peer Review on Wednesday, January 23rd. Portfolio due Monday, January 28th. Tuesday, January 15th Larkin and Donne tone gallery walk. Shades of Tone assignment continued: Pull out your paint chip from yesterday. You will place it on our Shades of Tone wall. Option 2: Write a sentence for each tone word focusing specifically on using syntax to convey tone. Option 3: Write a sentence for each tone word focusing specifically on diction to convey tone.

Turn in your completed shades of tone assignment to the box. Go around the room and read each sentence. After reading the sentence, identify tone of the sentence in a single word or two and write it underneath the sentence The tone you choose may be different than the one your classmates choose.

Shades of tone assignment: Each student will receive one paint chip with one tone word. What other words should go on the paint chip? Your sample word has been placed on one of the four shades, and you will determine three other words in the tone family. You will write a brief explanation about your word placement no less than two sentence, no more than five.

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Shades of tone part 2: Choose one word from your paint chip and write a sentence using that tone. Then, rewrite the sentence and change the tone to another word on the list. Introduction to poetry portfolio: poetry portfolio assignment 20th and 21st century poets list Begin working on portfolio—due Monday, January 28th. Thursday, January 10th View book spine poems on Google Classroom. How would poems change without the use of musical devices? Wednesday, January 9th Poetry timed writing on Frost poem.

Homework: Post and share book spine poetry and reflection on Google Classroom by tomorrow. Tuesday, January 8th Midterm timed writing feedback: switch timed writings with someone near you, and jot down on a sticky note your thoughts on: a couple aspects of their writing they should improve for their next timed writing; a couple positive aspects you can apply to your next timed writing.

Post and share book spine poetry and reflection on Google Classroom by Thursday. Annotation review and group activity. Friday, January 4th Notecard warm up: Respond to the following questions on your notecard: What did you notice about the poem while you were reading? What literary devices stood out to you? Were there any parts that confused you? Where did you identify your assigned literary device? How did your assigned device affect the poem as a whole? Discuss poems with group. Create poster for assigned literary device: With your group, your task is to create a poster for your assigned literary device that we will be able to reference throughout the unit.

Step One: Discuss your poem with your small group. How did you interpret it?

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What did you notice? How did the author use the literary device to help the reader experience the poem? Step Two: Create your poster. Please include the device, a definition, your own example of the device, how your poem used the device and its effect, and illustration to help the class remember. Your group will be the expert on your device and will teach the class at the end of the period. Your poem should allow the class your audience! Homework: Read your assigned poem. Pay careful attention to your assigned literary device. Make note of where it is used and the effect. Course recommendations for next year juniors only.

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Monday, December 17th Midterm. Once finished, begin data packet—due next Tuesday. Once finished, work on data packet—due next Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 11th Literature circle 4. Monday, December 10th Poetry timed writing. Homework: Lit circle 4 reading and role sheet due tomorrow. Please bring with you previous role sheets to class tomorrow. Friday, December 7th Lit circle 3.

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Homework: Lit circle 3 reading and role sheet due tomorrow; 2nd and 6th: stop-motion video and reflection due tomorrow. Wednesday, December 5th Continue working on stop-motion video and reflection. Homework: video uploaded to Youtube, and reflection and link submitted to GC due tomorrow 2nd period—due Friday. Tuesday, December 4th Mini tone lesson.

Discuss the passages and questions with your group, using your role sheets to jot down notes.

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Be sure file is titled with group names, novel, and meeting number 2. Homework: Read 4 dystopian poems; complete poetry analysis at end of document for one poem. Homework: Literature circle meeting 2 reading and role sheet due at the start of class Monday. Thursday, November 29th Lit circle meeting 1: Have one person record the discussion on an iPhone so that you can airdrop it to me when finished. Be sure file is titled with group names, novel, and meeting number 1. Homework: Read the two short stories and write 2 Socratic seminar questions each with a follow-up question.

Bring questions printed tomorrow. Wednesday, November 28th Finish adaptation presentations.

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Homework: Literature circle meeting 1 reading and role sheet due at the start of class tomorrow. Tuesday, November 27th Adaptation presentations. Monday, November 26th Adaptation group time: Due on Google Classroom tomorrow: Slideshow presentation includes proposal highlights, staging production, and film clip Proposal Script Dystopias and Technologies Unit Calendar Homework: Adaptations due tomorrow. Friday, November 16th Turn in annotation envelopes and group data packet. Adaptation group time.

Homework: Data packet due tomorrow; annotation envelopes due tomorrow.