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Groups of people argue as to whether intelligence is just the ability to excel in class, read, and spell and write well, upon which the IQ test is based.

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The Intelligence Quotient I. An average person is expected to score but scores below 85 are considered to be mentally retarded while people whose IQ score is above are highly gifted. People with IQ scores of and above are geniuses Intelligence Tests, n. Intelligence should be defined in terms of logical reasoning skills, critical thinking, adaptation and problem solving skills.

IQ tests do not however contribute to testing of the mentioned skills-they only test what one has learned. The verbal scale consists of specific knowledge, vocabulary, memory skills as well as expressive language skills. Performance scale on the other hand measures perceptual skills, speed, motor coordination and visual-spatial skills. The components of the two scales both basically test what the individual has learned, not what he or she can do in terms of their potential, and is merely academic Edublox, n.

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IQ tests have major faults. If a child arranges objects in the shortest time say less than 5 seconds , the child is deemed to be more intelligent yet another child who takes 9 second to arrange the objects in an equally accurate manner is deemed to be less intelligent. In reality, the child who takes a slightly longer time to arrange the objects could be intelligent with slow and more reflective abilities, not less intelligent. Another issue with IQ tests is reliability. Assignment: Testing Intelligence Did you feel the results were accurate? Cultural Issues and Intelligence Testing This journal entry responds to the cultural inadequacies in intelligence testing which stems from the foundations laid by authors Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray who penned The Bell Curve.

While these beliefs are testable the following…. Testing is Not Teaching Standardized testing is wasting an ample amount of money that could be used for important school programs and extra-curricular activities that benefit students.

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Organizational Testing and Assessment Organizational testing and assessment is done throughout companies and organizations of all kinds for the purpose of screening and selecting the best employees as part of their staff. Companies need to select tools and materials that are effective and reliable in screening employees. In addition they need to know how to properly administer and interpret the results. In the sections below, performance appraisal, behavioral observation scales, the Big Five Personality….

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Essay about Intelligence Testing Submitted By kellyjanis3. Open Document. Many ideas about what elements and abilities make up intelligence have been influenced by the history of intelligence testing. In , Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon devised the first intelligence test for school children. Since then, other theories have been created and developed to measure intelligence.

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Measuring intelligence is a complex process that produces a numerical score; that score is known as the intelligence quotient IQ. The effectiveness of intelligence testing is an ongoing debate that has sparked a large amount of controversy.

Intelligence Testing Defined The theory for successful intelligence includes three aspects: analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence. The study of intelligence involves almost all areas of psychology and other sciences such as neurobiology and behavior genetics. In each verbal subsection, there is varying degree of performance that relies on specific vocabulary, memory skills, knowledge and expressive language, while on the performance subsection scale; the essentials for scoring include aspects like: speed, good motor coordination, visual and spatial abilities.

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Hergenhahn , IQ tests basically measure the knowledge that a person has gained but not his future potential. In addition to the definition problem that intelligence has, the IQ tests are not reliable and this has made them to be the focus for criticism for a number of years.

For instance, in most cases the scores vary from one test to another, while anxiety, tension and unfamiliarity of the environment impact on the test performance Buros, Furthermore, Sarason , describes the biasing effects that instructions, qualification and tester attitudes on the testing procedures. Despite this, instructors still rely of the IQ tests to determine the intelligence level of the students. Similarly, those who do not perform well in class excel in the IQ tests.

This gives the implication that some people are smarter in these skills than the rest.

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Consequently, it is hard to measure the overall intelligence of a student because school examination consists of a wide range of subjects. In most cases, students may perform in one or two subjects or topics that they are exceptional good at, while fail to score in subjects they are not interested in Buros, Thus, the definition of the term intelligences and the IQ tests is a continuous debate that will not end in the near future. This is because the tests are more inclined in determining the level of comprehension, vocabulary, literacy and general command of a language and this makes people to assume that those who lack the skills are not intelligent, yet this cannot be true.

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