Victor frankenstein is the real monster essay

In the novel, Victor's creation is not born evil; rather it is the result of poor parenting that he becomes evil and vengeful. Throughout the novel, Shelley creates a definite perception of the creature and his creator by using various writing techniques. Shelley makes readers sympathetic towards the creature by offering hints in her work as to the creature's true sentiments.

The Doppelganger motif of Victor Frankenstein and the Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

She also uses writing techniques to create the perception that the true monster is Victor, not the creature that he created. Shelley offers insight into a series of character's qualities and actions and this offers readers a greater view into their knowledge and their personalities.

By using these effective writing techniques, Mary Shelley is able to create the perception that the real monster is Victor and not the monster himself. This switch allows readers to have greater insight into the inner experiences of the characters, which leads to further development in the attitudes in which the readers begin to grasp from each character. Shelley includes the story of Victor, the creator, and the story of the creature, the created, to emphasize the contrast between their personalities and their different experiences.

The contrast offers readers two entirely different views, and thus two entirely different responses towards each character. One example of this can be found in the story of the creature. Fiend that thou art Shelley 81! Readers are made to think that the creature is the more civilized creature of the two, and that the character of Victor is far more monstrous and dangerous than that of the creatures.

Shelley uses the writing technique of imagery and symbolism to shape the reaction of readers and the ideas surrounding them. This is a clear example of prejudice. Not only does Victor prejudge the monster only based on the way he looks, everybody the monster meets prejudges him and is scared of him.

Victor Frankenstein Is the Real Monster –

The man did not appear to be a bad man. This man is not a monster for treating the monster poorly, it is clearly the prejudice instilled in him when he is overcome by fear that makes him run away from the monster.

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Upon the monsters second encounter with a human, he enters a house and sees a family who also prejudges him based only on the way he looks. The people do not even give the monster a chance to speak.

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They do not even have the slightest clue what his personality is like. But, they prejudge him and automatically assume that he is a harmful person based only on the way he looks.

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Certainly, the people of the village do seem like monsters, attacking the monster and hitting him with stones. But, the villagers are not the true monsters. They are simply scared for the lives of their families, so they act out of prejudice and without even giving the monster a chance to present himself, they chase him away unwilling to give him a chance because they do not trust somebody who is so horrific looking.

It is clear here that it is solely the prejudice in them and nothing else that makes them drive the monster out of the village.

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  • Upon his third encounter with humans, the monster is living in a hovel that is joined to a cottage. Through a hole the monster sees the inside of the cottage and learns about the family that consisted of: a blind father, an unhappy son, and a sweet innocent daughter. The monster does everything he can to help the family out while remaining hidden. Had the family found out that it had been some ordinary man helping them out, they would have thanked him and greeted him with joy.

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    Felix darted forward and with supernatural force tore [the monster] from his father. It is clearly evident here that prejudice is the real monster in Frankenstein. The old man is blind, and upon meeting the monster he does not run away, or faint, or attack the monster. The old man greets the monster and treats him just as he would treat anyone else.

    Remember, prejudice is an opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge based on appearance. The old man could not prejudge, which is why he did not treat the monster poorly. Again, it is clearly evident here that the people are not truly monsters; it is the prejudice in them that makes them behave badly.

    The Real "Doctor Frankenstein"

    Another similarity between Victor and the monster is that they all become hermits. These characteristics of JVC and monster show that they are very similar. Monsters are not like the body of Victor, but instead have the same personality. For example, Victor and the monster are lovers. Both of them want to help others and I want to be the best for others. Victor and the monster tried to help people around. Victor tried to comfort her family with their loss, and monsters helped people living in the cabin by performing useful tasks.

    However, Victor and the monster did not reflect the lover.